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Low beam of a Volkswagen T5: Change the bulb (H7)

    Who, like me, belongs to the people that first do an Internet search to find out how things work instead of going to the car: For changing a bulb, you can save yourself that! Because it is really easy. But since you are here:

    • Open your engine hood
    • Search for the headlights
    • Check the rubber cap on the back of the headlight
    • Remove it
    • Grab into the resulting hole
    • Rotate the part you have in your hands a little bit
    • The lamp carrier will turn off and you can take it out
    • Exchange the light bulb (with me in the T5.2 H7-bulb), reinstall, finished.

    I’ve chosen this Philips WhiteVision as they are only 20 € in the 2-pack at Amazon and therefore half as expensive as in the local hardware store. In addition, I have changed both sides, so that the light color matches. I am satisfied with the brightness, also with the light color. I deliberately did not use more powerful bulbs because I had to read in forums of charred reflectors because the lamps might get too hot.

    The link above leads zu Amazon UK. If you are in the US please choose these Philips ExtremeVision H7. For unknown reasons the quality of the WhiteVisions sold in the US isn’t as good as the quality sold in Europe/UK. I though, all of the bulbs came from the same Chinese factory, but obviously it is not.

    rubber cap on the back of the headlight
    rubber cap on the back of the headlight
    In den Artikeln sind häufig Partnerlinks enthalten, überwiegend zu Amazon und eBay. Durch einen Klick darauf ge­lan­gt ihr zum Anbieter und wenn ihr dort etwas kauft, bekommen wir ei­ne kleine Provision. Euch entstehen dadurch keine Nachteile, ihr helft so aber, dass die Seite weiterhin existiert und dafür danke ich euch! :)


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